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South Haven Family Physicians
 is proud to announce we are a

Patient Centered Medical Home


What is a Patient Centered Medical Home?

A Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) is a model of healthcare based on an ongoing, personal, trusted partnership between a patient, doctor and the patient’s care team.  Whatever the medical need – primary or secondary, acute care, chronic care, preventative care, or end-of-life care – the patient (you) have a medical “home”;  a single, trusted doctor and care team, in which continuous and comprehensive care is provided.

As your Medical Home, we will:

Ø      Take care of your short term illnesses and long term chronic diseases

Ø      Provide you with a care team who knows you and your family

Ø      Respect you as an individual.  We will not make judgments based on gender, age, race, sexual orientation or disability

Ø      Listen to you and address your concerns

Ø      Help you stay healthy by giving you easy to understand information

Ø      Remind you when vaccines and tests are due

Ø      Notify you of test results in a timely manner

Ø      Have a doctor/provider on call 24 hours a day and 7 days a week

Ø      Help coordinate care with specialty doctors if needed

Ø      Improve your care by continuing to use state-of-the-art electronic health records and e-prescribing

As your Medical Home, we trust you to:

Ø      Tell us about what you know about your health and illnesses

Ø      Tell us about all medications, prescribed and over-the-counter, you are taking -  at each visit

Ø      Seek our advice before you see other physicians.  We may be able to care for that need.  If not, we know about the strengths of various area specialists

Ø      Let us know when you do see other health care providers and ask them to send us a report about your care

Ø      Keep your appointments with us or call to reschedule or cancel

Ø      Notify us if you do not receive your test results with in 2 weeks

Ø      Learn about wellness and how to prevent disease

Ø      Learn about your insurance so you know what it covers

Ø      Pay your share of the visit fee when you are seen at our office

Ø      Give us feedback to help us improve our services


Medical Care for Your Whole Family, for Life